our vision

4 simple yet compelling lenses through which we look at our church and understand our focus.

  • The Brain and Heart of our Church

    Loving, Knowing, Applying, Contending

    Increase in the love and knowledge of His Word to diligently live it out and contend for the faith.

    God's Word is our focal point. Multiple tools are employed to foster growth in the Scriptures such as: training, workshops, reading plans, debates, and an uncompromising focus on the Truth, as it is written, will be in each and every sermon. 

    Reference Verses: 1 Peter 3:15; Jude 3

  • The Lungs of our Church

    Consistent, Connects us to our Sustainer

    Practice a deep and constant life of prayer so we are rooted in submission to God for all things.

    We recognize that prayer is as essential as breathing and promote learning to integrate this practice into a habitual way of living. Educational resources are provided on a regular basis and emphasis is added into our gatherings, sermon themes, and it serves as the foundation for how we "do" church.

    Reference Verse: John 15:5

  • The Bones of our Church

    Development, Growth, Support, Movement

    Develop and invest in relationships to promote spiritual growth to become more like Christ in all areas of our daily lives.

    Spiritual growth is unlike physical growth that just happens naturally- we must stimulate and nurture it. Messages will be delivered on the importance of spiritual growth; targeted topical training and mentorship/accountability programs will be part of our culture. We can't grow alone and thus we commit to doing it together in love, honesty, and truth. 

    Reference Verses: Ephesians 4: 11-13; 2 Timothy 2:2

  • The Hands and Feet of our Church

    Serving, Going, Helping

    Actively seek opportunities to whole-heartedly serve our neighbours and share our joy of God through the Gospel.

    An intimate, regular, and multi-faceted approach to supporting and serving our community is our commitment. Whether it be providing life skills training, serving the homeless, or earnestly delivering the explicit Gospel message - we are ardent in our desire to serve God and others. 

    Reference Verses: John 4:34-35; Matthew 9:36-38; Matthew 5:13-16