our pastors

  • Rev. Dr. Victor Chan

    senior pastor

    Favourite Passage(s): Psalms 78:72, Matthew 9:35-38

    Passion(s): As an encourager (Barnabas) to encourage friends, brothers and sisters, and make disciples for the Lord.

    Personal Message: Our Heavenly Father is gracious and rich in loving-kindness. He is longing for all peoples to return to Him and become His children through the faith believing in Jesus Christ. We, Christians, would like to share God’s love with you and experience the joy and challenges of life together. You are welcome to join the gatherings of our church to experience God’s love and care.

  • Victor Chan

    Part-Time / Teaching Pastor

    Favourite Passage(s): 1 Timothy 1:12-17

    And yes... we have 2 Victor Chan's as Pastors :P